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In the One Second travel journal we wanted to include all topics that we are passionate about. However, at the same time we wanted to keep a very simple navigation, so that it is easy as possible to find the content that you are most interested in. We hope that it worked. If not we created this page to explain the structure of this travel and lifestyle blog.

In the destinations section you will find an extract of our visited countries and cities. As with the entire blog we will constantly add new countries, cities and insights. The idea is to give a basic overview of reasons why you should visit those magnificent places. Afterwards you will get the chance to dive deeper into specific interests that the chosen destination can fulfill.

The next section of the interests tab is divided by the things that we are most passionate when we visit a destination. With this part we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to discover different destinations based on their unique interests. In the food part we will dive into the special dishes from the places we visited and will give you the best places to taste them. The next section of culture will thematize various topics that we came across when interacting with the locals. We both also love to be active so we wanted to give you some insights what sort of sport we did while traveling. Places of interests will cover specific sights, national parks etc that we found especially mesmerizing. Last but not least Olis biggest passion is wildlife and the conservation of it, so we needed to dedicate one part to it as well.

The third section is called “One Second in” here will share more personal stories of those moments where we realized where we are and how grateful we can be to be in that moment.

In the last section “Behind our Lens” we wanted to tell you the stories that happened while we shot the picture. So many stories always go untold. Many times when we are taking pictures we think about what we wanted to capture, but far to often we then do not share our thoughts. This section will provide insights what we thought and what happened when we were taking it.

Enjoy discovering them!