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One Second Journal is a blog for all those that seek for genuine travel experiences, love nature and want to escape their daily routine while being more sustainable by caring for biodiversity, nature and people.

We are sharing our experiences for each trip we make in France and around the world. Firstly, through our social media (Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook). And then, through different articles we write to help you plan your trips and have an idea of the destination with personal tips and recommandations.

On top of that, caring a lot about our planet, we are sharing with you how we try to be more sustainable while traveling and in our daily life. They are so many things you can do at your level and little by little. We can all do something where we are and with the means we have.

We hope you will enjoy reading us and mostly, that our articles will be helpful and useful to plan your holidays but also being more sustainable! Don’t hesitate to leave your feedbacks and recommendations in the comments 🍃