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The Amazon rainforest is burning. What can we do?

Due to the urgent matter of the fires in the Amazon rainforest. Rather than praying and sharing hashtags like #prayforamazonia , lets act! The article that inspired this one, gives some easy tips how everyone can help in this severe situation. We for example just donated some money to the Rainforest Trust.

However, if we really want to start preventing these horrible kind of things from happening and stop the war on nature (great phrasing Greta!) , then we have to start to vote with our wallets.

I (Oli) studied business, hey I am no Bill Gates, but to save you 5 years of university: Money is the fuel of companies. Most important lesson of my entire studies. 

We all feel powerless sometimes and unable to change anything, but our wallets are actually the best tool to change the world. If we want to see change happening we have to first of all stop buying too much s$@t in general. If our demand goes down less resources have to be used (wow this business studies really pays off right now). 

Second, we have to start spending our money on products that are produced from companies that preserve rather than exploit this planet. If those companies not exist, then lets create them and support them with our wallets. Examples like Seaworld & Nestle are the perfect showcase of companies that kept on exploiting until we said: Enough!

They underestimate us. #walletsunite

Why all this fuss you may ask, check out this article if you want to know why the Amazon rainforest is so important. What do you think about this topic? How do you think we can turn things around?  

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written by Oliver

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