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The coolest sustainable gifts for Christmas


(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a certain percentage of a sale if you purchase after clicking.)

Christmas is right at the corner and it seems like the year just started. 2020 was definitely not what we expected, for none of us I guess. At least, thanks to all the lockdowns that occurred throughout the world, a large number of people have realized that the planet suffers from our actions and global warming is truly happening. That might be the only “good” impact of COVID19. A lot more people taking action towards a more sustainable way of living. This being said we thought it could be a nice idea to give you some of the coolest sustainable gifts ideas for this Christmas. 

We usually prefer non-material gifts like some money for our next trip or activity for example. But this kind of idea might not be the best for 2020. Indeed, we don’t know how the upcoming months are going to look like in terms of travel regulations and restrictions. So we have to come up with different gifts and it is best if they can be sustainable. We hope and believe this year people will desire to give more sustainable gifts but also to receive more sustainable ones. Either you have tried to be more eco-friendly for a few years already or are new to the topic, gifts that don’t harm your health, the planet, or the lives of other people will be more than welcome for Christmas 2020. For this reason, for a few months now, I’ve been collecting the coolest sustainable gifts ideas.

Also, I rarely promote products and we usually buy second hand or recycle what we have. However, Christmas is a period of the year where everybody is going to buy products. Especially, as I mentioned above, if we can choose experiences over products. So I believe that if we buy a product, at least we should look for more sustainable ideas and options. For example, if you want a pair of sneakers for your husband or son, check for an eco-friendly option. They are doing amazing green shoes nowadays like the brand 8000 kicks.

Art from Jack Visser

We discovered this artist on Instagram a few months ago. And fell in love straight away with his art: pyrography on ethically sourced hardwood. He specializes in wildlife and portraits and is truly talented. You can have a look at his work on Instagram or on his website. Personally, I can’t stop scrolling and admiring every single detail of the drawing. For people who love art, wildlife, or Africa and the 3 combined, it is the perfect 2020 Christmas gift. On top of that, a gift that will stay for years and even decades is way more sustainable than a trendy product that will be in a drawer in a few months and never be used again.

Shannon Wild Jewellery

Jewelry and more particularly bracelets are quite a classic Christmas gift, as much for men than for women. What do you think about buying a handmade bracelet and supporting wildlife and habitat conservation at the same time? That is what you can do with Shannon Wild Jewellery bracelets from Wild in Africa. For each bracelet you buy, 50% is donated to wildlife and habitat conservation in Africa, Asia, and more. You will find a wide variety of bracelets for every taste and they are all really beautiful. On top of that, the story behind this idea is moving and genuine. You can discover it through their website.

Reusable collapsible cup

An object every person who takes coffee or tea away should have nowadays. A lot of people are already using reusable cups or thermos for their coffee which is great. Even better if you go to your favorite coffee place asking them to pour your dear morning coffee in your own reusable cup instead of their single-use cup! However, I discovered last February while visiting my friend in Mexico City that you can also find collapsible reusable cups. I loved the idea. Once you are done with drinking your coffee, you can just collapse it. It takes much less space in your bag. This is one of the first little steps we usually do when trying to have a more sustainable daily life. Consequently, if you know somebody who would like to be more eco friendly and loves coffee, that’s one of the coolest sustainable gifts for this person!

Open minding books

A physical or online book is a great gift. On top of that, it opens minds or gives information about different topics related to nature, wildlife, sustainability, self-development, etc. It can also be a book about photography as sometimes seeing what the planet has to offer can trigger interest in how to protect it. We truly believe that education is the key to counter global warming and the disappearance of biodiversity and wildlife. The more we will talk, attend conferences, watch movies, and read about it, the more we will be aware of the problems. And inevitably, take action. A few books that we honestly recommend because we bought them ourselves are Tales from the roads less traveled by Pie Aerts, The Unthinkable Earth – A story of the future by David Wallace Wells, Kaizen by Sarah Harvey or Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.

Photo album: Innocence

A photo album is always an appreciated gift, everybody likes to look at old photos and memories. Pictures that have been forgotten, the best pictures of 2020, pictures of your last trip abroad, a family event, etc.  We discovered a really nice printing company based in Paris, Innocence. You probably know that you can find tons of those websites where you can create your own photo album online. It is your choice at the end of the day to pick one that is based in your home country or not. However, if you do so, the carbon impact of your gift will be a lot lower than if it comes from any other country. Furthermore, you will support a local business.

Himalayan made

I discovered this brand recently and fell for the job they are doing. Their products are so beautiful, we love their Yoga mattress bag and the little makeup pouch! But also they are made consciously in Nepal. Handmade by a hundred of Nepalese women from Local Women’s Handicraft, an association helping women to get their autonomy and a salary 3 times higher than other women working in this industry. On top of that, Local Women’s Handicraft is fighting against child labor and fast fashion. Really, it got it all! The products are made of upcycling materials, hemp, and plant-based dye. There is much more to say about this amazing initiative but I’ll let you have a look at more information on their website. This is definitely one of my favorite coolest sustainable gifts.

iPhone case made of recycled material

There are today plenty of sustainable companies selling phone cases made out of recycled plastic. Among them, Pela‘s case. I have had mine for years and totally love it. The products are great, lots of different colors and designs, really robust. You can see mine is a little bit broken in the picture above, however, it is more than 3 years old.
Also, a few days ago, 4ocean announced its upcoming launch of recycled plastic iPhone cases as well. This NGO (which is B Corp certified) supports ocean conservation by collecting trash in different parts of the world. We got to know them as we both got their bracelets made of recycled plastic as gifts from Oliver’s mum.

One Second Journal prints

For the first time, we take a step forward with Oliver’s photography. If you like any of our shots (From Instagram, Facebook, or here) and would like to have a print version of it, either for yourself or for a sustainable Christmas gift, contact us at contact@onesecondjournal.com. We are still looking for a sustainable printer so we will tell you more about the sizes, price, shipment, etc. when we get in touch with you. We are pretty excited about it and can’t wait to receive your messages. And, we will donate 50% of the profits to an NGO. Maybe one of your love ones is passionate about one of the destinations we have been to or wildlife. Then, it could be one of your coolest sustainable gifts this year!


We hope this article is going to help you with your Christmas gifts this year. Especially if you run out of ideas, and are looking for more sustainable options to spread the word around you. Or, because you know the person will be happy to receive a gift that is good for the planet.

One Second-Paulyne
written by Paulyne

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  1. These are all great. Loved the portable cup, definitely one I would carry with me. Great recommendations

    1. Thank you Nathalie! I love the collapsible reusable cup too I always have it with me, especially when I go on trips 🙂

  2. This is such a great list. I love the artwork and the Himalayan made products. I’m trying to be more conscious of sustainability when purchasing gifts or asking for them for myself. Very important post at this time of year

    1. Thanks Emma! It’s great that you are trying to be more sustainable and I’m sure you will manage easily, there are tons of ecofriendly options nowadays, in any kind of fields 😉

  3. Yes, the holidays will be here too soon! I’ll be using your list!

    1. Thanks Denise!

  4. Beautiful suggestions! I like that it wasn’t a bunch of Amazon links, but rather a unique refreshing list of many items I had not ever discovered before. Also your travel images are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Taylor, we try not to use Amazon anymore so if we talked about something specific we also try to give you a link that is not from this website. And if possible a sustainable alternative to this website 😉

  5. These are all lovely and meaningful gifts to give this Christmas (and throughout the year). Love their sustainability features and how they give back in some way. Pinning for future ideas!

    1. We are glad you like it 😉

  6. quite a few good ideas. The Himalayan objects are pure beauty

    1. Thanks Cassandra! Yes, Himalayan Made is really making beautiful products we love it!