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Behind our Lens: Elephant Sands


#BehindOurLens is our new way to tell You stories about our pictures. Quite often there is a lot happening when you take a picture, so this rubric will try to create a bit more depth. It will give you insights of the reason why we took the picture, what we felt or what happened after we took it.

BehindOurLens-Elephant Sands

Elephant Sands

This time we begin with this beauty. I (Oliver) took the picture on my Africa Trip in 2017 in Botswana. We stopped over for a night at the most beautiful camping ground in Africa Elephant Sands. This camping is famous for his waterhole in the center. No fences in Botswana. So you will find this marvellous animals almost 24/7 on the camping.

Elephants always fascinated me, so it was a great chance to observe them for a longer period and analyze their behaviors. On the main deck you sit only 3 meters away, basically closer than you get with any vehicle. It is the perfect place to take close up pictures of these gentle giants.

The founder built this camping himself and keeps this important water source in the region alive. Thanks to him you are able to get unbelievably close to those magnificent animals.

For this picture, I still had to wait quite some time though. I wanted this specific photo, because of the unique profile look. That the bird was taking off in the background was sheer luck.

More stories to come from this day. So stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed the first little story and would love to get your feedback. Did you enjoy this article? Did you see a picture on our social media or on this blog and want to know the story behind it? Then just let me know and I will write an article about it! 

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written by Oliver

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