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Oman in Pictures


Traveling in Oman was definitely one of my best experiences so far in my new job. I am very grateful that I had the chance to explore this colorful and unique place. 

The pictures below will give you a first glimpse why you should travel to Oman, but if you want to hear specific reasons you will find them here. If you should have any questions where I shot a specific picture do not hesitate to write me below. But now enjoy the colors of the orient! 


Oliver One Second Author
Taken by Oliver

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  1. Oman is definitely a hidden gem of the Middle East, often overlooked. Going there it is like going back in time with its super welcoming people and superb nature. Loved your images and missing Oman, hope it will open its borders very soon.

    1. Hi Ausra! You described it perfectly 🙂 We hope it will open soon as well, I guess when we will be able to travel freely again we will appreciate those places even more and take the time to enjoy every single moment of discovery.

  2. so curious about this country now!

    1. Glad to raise your curiosity about it 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos