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Top of the best restaurants in Berlin

  • Berlin offers a huge variety of different cuisines, thanks to its habitants from all over the world and I will introduce you to a few in this Berlin food guide
  • At the same time, the city is quite affordable in comparison to other capitals 
  • Berlin, unlike many cities, does not have a real city center, so the following recommendations are all over town

Finally, I (Oliver) have the chance to write a food guide about my home town, Berlin. In the next paragraphs, I will share with you my personal hotspots (If you want to know about my personal story you can check out our detailed stories here). However, two important things to keep in mind.

First of all, the quality of places can change quite rapidly in such a fast-moving city, when I was living in Berlin these places were amazing. I am still visiting my family and friends from time to time, so this will be an open article where I will add some spots whenever I find them.

Second, Berlin is my hometown, so you know how it is when you are living in a place, you don’t take that many pictures. So, unfortunately, this article won’t be as visual as I was hoping. But, if I should visit some places again, I will make sure to snap some pics. 

I divided the articles into different food sections so that you can find easily what you are looking for. Meatlovers you won’t need to worry, yes there will be plenty of restaurants where I only tried the vegetarian dishes, but I haven’t always been a vegetarian, so there will be plenty of places for meat eaters too. 

As I said in the intro, Berlin is huge and scattered, so it didn’t make sense for me to organize this article in different districts, so the best idea is probably to follow our account on Mapstr so that you can just easily open the app and see places that are close by. And now let’s dive into the culinary world of Berlin

Places for breakfast or brunch

Bastard Cafe Berlin Breakfast


Fechtner is our favorite Brunch place in entire Berlin. Every time we come back to Berlin, we come here to get our Eggs Benedict, which we can highly recommend.

The ingredients are amazing, as well as the look of the dishes. At the same time the design of the place is very minimalistic and thanks to the small size it’s always cozy.


The name might be a bit confusing, but it is a beautiful little place that definitely gives you this Berlin vibe because it is located in the heart of Kreuzberg.

I took the cheese platter and it was splendid. Perfect for spring and summer days, because you can also sit outside.


Probably one of the hippest places on this list. The food was not bad, but also not amazing, however, the presentation was. So if you admire the design of dishes, it is definitely worth a visit.

The interior design is also entirely unique, which makes this place special. But be aware, it is tiny, so you might have to be lucky to get in.

However, you will be in Neuköln, nowadays, one of the best food areas in Berlin.

Cafe Kleine Mensa

This tiny place was right in my neighborhood in Berlin-Wedding, which is why I visited quite often. The place got so much heart, thanks to the amazing owner, that really makes you feel like home.

Breakfast and cakes are just to die for and very affordable because Wedding is still one of those last remaining spots, where local people live. Probably one of my absolute favorite, because you can just spend hours here.

Our favorite: the cheese breakfast, mango smoothie, and vegan chocolate cake.

Hallesches Haus

Hip place that is well hidden behind a cool store. The entire place has a very cool design and delicious dishes. I especially love the natural lights.

Perfect for you to go if you still need a souvenir or little gift for someone.

Turkish Cuisine

Döner Kebab mit Mate


This one is a general recommendation because you will find Döner (Kebabs) on every street corner in Berlin. Berlin has a huge Turkish community and the real Döner was also invented here, which are probably the main reasons for its popularity. And obviously the cheap price for a warm meal. Perfect in combination with an ice cold mate (my favourite is Mio Mio Mate)

I highly recommend you to eat a real döner, the fancy ones from Mustafa, are definitely nice, but don’t represent the real Berlin Döner. This one was my personal favorite in my old neighborhood. There are plenty great ones in the city and it would exceed this food guide Berlin to mention them all here.

Maybe a great idea for the next article? Best Döners of Berlin? Hmm…


Fes is a Turkish BBQ restaurant that offers mouthwatering dishes. Similar to a Korean BBQ you have a grill station right on your table so that you can have a nice chat while preparing your own food.

The meat is of the finest quality, which you will definitely taste. At the same time, they also offer delicious side dishes, which complete this amazing Turkish experience.

Çarık Kuruyemiş & Cafe

The cafe is a small hidden gem in Wedding, that offers the best Kumpir in town. The dish always brings back my memories from my first days, when I moved to Istanbul in 2013.

Basically, Kumpir is a baked & stuffed potato. I know sounds simple but it is amazing. If you feel like a treat for dessert, try Künefe, a unique sweet cheese dish, that I can highly recommend.

The entry looks a bit like a nuts shop, which is the reason why not many tourists come here, but in the back, there is a seating area where you can order your Kumpir and you will get actual local experience.

Hühnerhaus 36

Ok now you must be joking Oli, this is only a roasted chicken place. Nope, not joking at all here. I love when people take a simple dish and bring it to perfection.

The Hühnerhaus 36 did exactly that because their chicken is tender from the inside and crunchy from the outside, just perfect.

At the same time, you can order Turkish pilaf (rice) which tastes like in Istanbul and did I mention the intense garlic sauce? 

Asian Cuisine

Poke Bar Berlin

Sticks & Sushi

Our favorite Sushi place in Berlin. It is quite pricey for Berlin standards, but trust me it will be worth it. In the end for most foreigners, it will probably still be super cheap.

Here you get the finest sushi creations in combination with a huge variety of warm side dishes, which are perfect if you go with somebody that is not a sushi lover (yes I actually heard they do exist).

They also offer yummy vegan sushi and have branches in some other town around the world so you should check out their page. 


Is such a fresh addition to this list, because they offer plenty off small little dishes. It is basically an Asian Tapas bar, where you don’t eat one big dish, but can choose a variety of small ones.

Perfect for days, when you can’t decide what exactly you feel like. Our personal favorites eggplant in hoisin sauce, glass noodle salad, and the fresh summer rolls. 


Meatlovers, are you still here? If yes, this place must be on your list when you come to Berlin. Arirang, might not be going to be the most Instagramable place that you will visit in Berlin, but it will definitely be one of the best when it comes to great food.

Arirang is a Korean BBQ place, where you will predominantly find locals with Korean roots, which is always a good sign because it shows how authentic the dishes are.

We came here already a bunch of times with some new people and everybody was amazed so far.

We always used to take the menu with the Fire Beef, can’t remember the exact number, but it has those marvelous kimchi pancakes in it, which I now prefer over the meat.  


Competition in this neighboorhood is fierce, but Anjoy managed anyways to create a name for itself.

The Vietnamese restaurant is famous for its flying noodles, that we obviously had to try. Definitely worth a visit if you should be close by.

Delicious, fresh food and cool interior, what do you want more? 


Has numerous restaurants around town, our favorite, however, is the Japanese canteen like restaurant in the center of Berlin.

It is a perfect spot if you are around Friedrichstraße and need a place for lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers authentic & fresh Japanese food in a simple ambiance. 

Angry Chicken

You love chicken wings? Look no further, this is the place to go. In the heart of one of the hippest neighborhoods, you will find this little chicken heaven.

Perfect for a fast snack, when you want to keep exploring the area. The marinade is to die for.

They also have an I-Pad in their restaurant, which is used to upload selfies while you wait for your food, which explains their weird social media feed. 


Again a local tip from my former district Wedding. This Vietnamese restaurant is very tiny but offers super affordable, fresh and delicious dishes in a cool vibe place.

Perfect if your travel budget is disappearing quickly. Our favorites the peach ice tea, tom kha gai soup, and summer rolls.  


In this little, but beautiful place you will get healthy poke bowls. Originally from Hawaii they slowly getting more popular over here, as well (sorry Hawaii I had to put it somewhere and the dish is clearly influenced by Japanese cuisine, so sorry).

You can design your own bowl or order one of their styles, which makes it perfect, if you want to keep all the power over your dish.

Healthy fast food in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect when exploring Berlin.

Latin Cuisine


Beautiful Peruvian restaurant, in another great food district. If you never tried Peruvian food, it is definitely about time and why not here in Berlin, pretty sure it’s cheaper than getting a ticket to Lima.

First time I went there I tried Ceviche. Ceviche is a fish-based dish that uses the acid of lemon to “cook” the fish, definitely a great experience that you should try here.

African Cuisine

Massai Restaurant

You know my weak spot for the African continent so I obviously had to add a recommendation here.

The Massai restaurant interior takes you on a journey to the most beautiful continent. The same goes for the variety of dishes from couscous from Morocco, to Mafe from Mali to Seafood from South Africa.

You never tried any of those dishes? It is about time! 

Safari Imbiss

Is yet another small gem of my former hood Wedding. The snack shop offers delicious and unique African falafel that are filled with satay sauce and baked banana.

To die for! Perfect if you are around and need a quick bite. 

European Cuisine

Max und Moritz

I thought that on this list I also have to give an address for some German and Berlin food. Unfortunately, this is the only place in this list I have personally never been to, so I was unsure to include it in this Berlin food.

I am not a huge fan of German food, so it was never really appealing for me to go there. However, from friends and visitors, I only heard good things.

They seem to work really traditional and kept the style and interior of Berlin’s old days. Apparently, it is quite demanded so better book a table to be sure. 


Berlin Burger International

I have to be honest, I love burgers, they are probably the hardest part to resist when you are a vegetarian. I am going okay now because vegetarian patties get better and better.

Berlin could actually be called the burger city because there is a huge amount of different burger places. Unfortunately, I am quite bad at trying new restaurants, when I already found my place and this place is called BBI.

Tiny, hidden in the beautiful Pannierstarße, which is packed with great restaurants and cafes, you will find this heaven on earth.

The meat is amazing and their creations are unlike any others, but the major reason why I always come is the sheer size. Check out their Insta and you will see what I mean.



Obviously, I already gave some ideas for some great cafes in the brunch section, but there are also plenty of places that are more focused on great coffee or other drinks and Cafe Luzia is one of them.

Located in one of my favorite areas of Berlin, it reflects everything that you are looking for when traveling to Berlin. Brick walls, unique stylish interior, always great music and cool crowd.

If you just want to slow down and enjoy one second on your Berlin trip, this is the place. 


Do you love chocolate? Then this place is for you! Rausch is a cafe, as well as a chocolatier, where you can get the best hot chocolate in town. You can even decide about the percentage of chocolate.

The best part, however, is that you don’t have to feel bad about eating the chocolate, because all products are fairly farmed and produced on the company owned plantations.

At the end you can also stroll around their shop to get some great presents for your loved ones, while marvel at the chocolate replicas of the major sights of Berlin.

Our personal favorite: the three ingredients chocolate bars.

Ice Cream

Café e Gelato

I know, I know I hate shopping malls too, but if they have great ice cream, I go in, sorry. This is the case with Cafe e Gelato.

I grew up in the neighborhood, so I am clearly biased, but I had plenty of people that visited me through time and they all agreed that this is some pretty great gelato. Which is why you can now find it in this food guide Berlin.

One even said it was better than all the gelato on her Italian trip. The pressure is on Cafe e Gelato! My favorite, obviously the chocolate ice cream! 

Canal Berlin

The latest ice cream shop we have tried in Berlin and yes, you HAVE TO go! Their ice creams are simply delicious and I would say it is now our favorite place in Berlin.

They now have two shops in Berlin, I guess they are both as good as the other. I share with you the location of the one we have been to below.

Location: Rosenthaler Straße 40, Berlin

Food Markets

Mauerpark Flea Market

A must-visit for you when you visit Berlin during spring or summer. Obviously, not solely a food market, but a really hip place that attracted a lot of creative food truck owners.

No matter what food you crave for, you will find something delicious here!

Markthalle Neun

An indoor market and a place to be if you come to Berlin. Every Thursday evening the market hosts the street food Thursday, where all talented cooks from around Berlin are gathering to present their dishes.

If you should visit Berlin only at the weekend, it is still worth visiting because there are also permanent delicious vendors.

Fresh ingredients & cool vibes, exactly what you are looking for in Berlin, right? 

We hope that this will give you some great inspiration about where to eat when you visit Berlin. If that is not enough and you should be done with our list, we can strongly recommend you check out the blog Berlin Food Stories that solely focuses on the culinary world of Berlin.

If you are more of an explorer and want to discover new places that are not on the list, maybe try the surroundings of the following metro stations: Metro Stations with cool neighborhoods: Görlitzer Bahnhof, Savignyplatz, Warschauer Straße, Hackescher Markt, Hermannplatz, Eberswalder Straße, Mehringdamm.

As always we would love to get your feedback, so if you have been to Berlin and know other great places just let us know and we will check it out next time when we are there. Also do not forget our Mapstr account if you are looking for more addresses around the world!

Bon appetit! 

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