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Top 3 of the must-see beaches in South Corsica

In our last article, I talked to you about the Mountain part of central South Corsica with the Aiguilles de Bavella. Let’s now move on to the beach part. This is one of the first things that comes to your mind when you think of the “Island of Beauty“. Its white sandy beaches and turquoise water surrounded by rocky hills and mountains. The moments of idleness with the song of the crickets and the baths in water so crystal clear that it seems to be unreal. That’s why I couldn’t wait to share with you the 3 beaches that we think are the must-see beaches in South Corsica. Three places to add to your bucket list when planning your holiday.

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The beach of Scodi Neri: a wild and uncrowded place


We start this top 3 of the must-see beaches in South Corsica with the beach of Scodi Neri which is located very close to the residence where we stayed in Olmeto (Residence Ogliastrello). If you have been following us for some time, you know that we always try to travel in an eco-friendly way but also to avoid places that are too touristy.

It is a fairly large beach that runs alongside pine forests and provides a stunning view of the bay of Propiano. The perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Corsica and its translucent waters while being away from the crowds.

Access to Scodi Neri:

The beach of Scodi Neri is located not far from the D157 road. You will have to take an unpaved path to reach the beaches. There is no parking, so you will have to park in the shade of the trees along the path.

Once parked, you will arrive in a wild and uncrowded area. We went at the end of May, so it must be more crowded in high season. However, I think this is one of the least crowded beaches in Southern Corsica, even in summer season.

Facilities in Scodi Neri:

A wild and uncrowded beach means often no facilities. There are no restaurants or toilets. However, there are many restaurants in the vicinity, just a few minutes away by car.

Beach of Santa Giulia: one of the most famous beaches in South Corsica


We continue our top 3 with a beach nicknamed “the pearl” of South Corsica. Much more famous, it is, therefore, much more frequented than the beach of Scodi Neri. Not far from Porto Vecchio, we went to explore the beach of Santa Giulia on the day we decided to explore Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio.

Access to Santa Giulia:

Unlike Scodi Neri, a car park is available. However, I would advise you to arrive very early in the morning if you are on holiday in Corsica during the high season. I doubt it will be easy to find a space later in the day.

Facilities in Santa Giulia:

When you arrive on the beach, you will find some bars and restaurants on your left but the right side is still quite unspoilt and wild. Of course, this is where we went to enjoy the beautiful turquoise lagoon.

The beach is big enough not to be on top of each other. As I said we were there in May, you may notice a lot more people in the middle of the summer holidays. But this will be the case wherever you go or almost.

You can also enjoy many water activities such as a SUP ride, a windsurfing course, a jet ski ride, etc. However, when it comes to jet ski activities, keep in mind that if you are looking to become a more eco-friendly traveller and preserve this beautiful environment, this is not the best activity to choose.

Roccapina Beach: a corner of paradise that is worth the effort


The last of our top 3 and our favourite of this stay in South Corsica. Our favourite on the sea side of the “Island of Beauty”. On the mountain side, our favourite was the Aiguilles de Bavella. A place that will also leave you speechless.

Access to Roccapina:

We discovered the beach of Roccapina while driving towards Bonifacio. From the top of the T40 road we saw a turquoise bay with a stretch of white sand. A real piece of paradise. The next day we looked for a way to get there.

If you decide to discover this magical place, it is important that you know that the beach of Roccapina has to be earned. The road to get there is not paved and very bumpy. If you have a 4×4, no problem. On the other hand, with a city car, be prepared to drive at 2 km/hour. There is also a car park a few metres from the beach.

Facilities in Roccapina:

Remember to take along something to hydrate yourself and possibly a picnic if you plan to spend the day there. The beach of Roccapina is also preserved and wild, you will not find any restaurants, bars or toilets.

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You now have all the information about the places we loved during our stay in Corsica. Whether you prefer to go inland or stay on the coast, these places are definitely worth adding to your bucket list in southern Corsica.

We also really liked the village of Sartène. You will certainly pass this village while exploring the south. And I will write an article to give you more information soon.

Enjoy your stay in Corsica! 🍃

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